General Yet Important Benefits Of Exercise

General Yet Important Benefits Of Exercise

Exercising regularly is the best investment that anyone can make for their health. It has tremendous benefits, from elevating your mood to providing a sense of energised well-being. It may also benefit you in reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

In general terms, exercise encompasses any movement in which your muscles are engaged, burning calories in the process.

Swimming, running, cycling and walking are some examples of different forms of exercise.

As someone who exercises regularly, you may experience numerous psychological benefits as well.

Here we will discuss some of the general yet important benefits of exercise:

Exercise helps to manage weight: Inactivity can lead to weight gain and obesity, directly impacting your health. Regular exercise helps you manage your weight by burning significant amounts of calories. Exercise consistently boosts metabolism which helps in weight loss. A combination of aerobic training, resistance training, and yoga provides a perfect balance, maximising fat loss.

Exercise is good for your muscles and bones: Exercise plays a vital role in maintaining muscle and bone health. As people age, it is natural to lose muscle mass and strength, leading to joint pain and an increased risk of injuries. Resistance training is important to reduce muscle loss and maintain strength as you age. It also helps to build bone density.

Exercise helps to feel happier: Exercise helps to elevate your mood and reduces the feeling of stress, anxiety and depression. Exercising regularly boosts Dopamine and Endorphin which are "happy hormones" while suppresses Cortisol which is a "stress hormone." A higher level of happy hormone makes you feel happy and elevates your mood.

Exercise helps to reduce the risk of chronic disease: Regular exercise is a key factor in reducing the chance of chronic health diseases such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high LDL levels, cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Exercise gives you healthy skin: Believe it or not, exercise contributes to younger-looking skin. It improves the blood flow and oxygen levels in our body which helps to remove toxins, impurities and dead skin cells from our body.

Exercise can help your psychological health: Exercise supports brain health by enhancing function and protecting memory and thinking skills. It improves blood flow to the brain and stimulates the production of hormones that enhance brain cells. Regular exercise is more important for older adults as it helps them to feel young and energetic psychologically.


Exercising regularly gives you incredible health benefits. It increases hormones, improves bone health, strengthens your muscles and gives you anti-ageing effects. Exercise gives you a good mood which helps to improve your lifestyle. One should involve all forms of exercise like cardio training, weight training and yoga to maximise the benefits.

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