Being A Personal Instructor Taught Me To Rethink Fitness

Being A Personal Instructor Taught Me To Rethink FITNESS

When I was about 16 years old, my uncle would take me to the gym. The goal was to give me a chance to increase my height, as I stood just 4’11” tall and weighed 42 kilograms.

He believed that hanging and stretching would aid in height increase while lifting weights or doing cardio exercises would boost my appetite.

However, after my certification, I learned these were mere myths. Hanging doesn't directly affect height; simply eating more won't necessarily lead to weight gain. These factors play a role, but fitness encompasses much more.

With the right learning and eventually being certified, reshaped my perspective on fitness and offered a clearer understanding.

Here I will discuss what I feel about fitness and it will help our readers to understand Fitness better.

The Mythical World of Fitness

When it comes to fitness, the world is full of myths. One prevalent misconception is that hanging can increase height. People attempt to elongate their stature by hanging from bars, despite scientific evidence showing that height is largely determined by genetics. Yet many still believe in the power of hanging and stretching to add inches to their frame.

While myths abound, it's essential to verify claims with scientific facts and heed the advice of experts before concluding.

Realising the power of exercise

Exercising is the best tool to stay healthy and fit. It's not solely about shedding pounds, weight loss is a secondary outcome of exercise. The primary aim is to achieve and sustain fitness. Regular exercise prepares the body for daily challenges, aids in combating degenerative diseases, and enhances immunity.

Being a certified instructor, I see exercise as a tool that makes my tomorrow better and healthier.

Rely on one type of exercise

While I have a fondness for weight training, certification enlightened me to the necessity of a well-rounded workout routine. Smart exercise entails incorporating cardio, yoga, and weight training to address different aspects of fitness. Each component serves a unique purpose; weight training builds strength, cardio enhances aerobic capacity, and yoga promotes flexibility.

Eventually, you have to work smart to grow smart. That is only possible by designing a schedule smartly.

Skipping meals cannot help me to lose my weight

A crucial lesson from my fitness education is that skipping meals won't facilitate weight loss. Many mistakenly believe that skipping meals accelerates weight loss, but this approach lowers basal metabolic rate (BMR), hindering weight loss. Instead, consuming balanced meals throughout the day supports a healthy metabolism and sustained weight management.


Fitness encompasses a multifaceted journey. Each individual's body responds differently to diet and exercise. By adhering to a balanced diet and comprehensive workout regimen, you can sustain fitness day in and day out. Remember, fitness is an ongoing journey with no fixed destination.

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