How Does Skipping Rope Help You To Lose Weight?

How Does Skipping Rope Help You To Lose Weight?

The skipping rope is an excellent exercise not only for losing weight but also for improving cardiovascular health. It is a fun exercise that burns a lot of calories too.

All you need is just a pair of shoes and a skipping rope and you can replace your traditional cardio with fun blasting skipping rope exercise.

In this article, we will discuss how skipping rope helps you to lose weight.

Advantages of skipping rope

Improves cardiovascular health

Skipping rope is an excellent exercise to improve your cardio-respiratory fitness. Skipping rope for a period of time needs more oxygen to working skeletal muscles, which increases your heartbeat and respiratory rate to fulfil demand. With consistency, you will be able to exercise for longer periods, as your heart will be stronger and your lung capacity will be enhanced.

Burns calories

Do you also walk and jog on the treadmill to lose weight and over time find it boring? Why don't you try skipping instead? Skipping rope is a good calorie-burning exercise. You can burn a bunch of calories just by doing 10 minutes of skipping.

Strengthens muscle

Skipping rope is one of the best full-body exercises. It involves and strengthens your lower body (calves, thighs and buttocks), upper body (biceps, shoulders) and abdominals muscles. Additionally, it also improves muscle endurance, which helps your muscles to exercise for longer periods.

Strengthens bones

Skipping rope puts healthier pressure on your joints. As a result, the body builds back stronger and denser bones as a response to the temporary stress caused by ground reaction forces.

It is a fun activity

For many people, doing a treadmill walk or jog is quite boring. However, skipping rope can be the best alternative that can bring fun to your workout. You can also modify your routine by adding difficulties as you become better at it.

How many calories does skipping rope burn?

No doubt, skipping is one of the best exercises to burn a bunch of calories. It largely depends upon factors like duration and intensity and a person’s weight matters also.

A person with 70 kilograms of weight burns 290 calories from 20 minutes of skipping rope exercise.

Therefore, incorporating skipping rope into your daily cardio routine helps you to lose a good amount of weight.

Skipping rope can help you lose weight, but is it enough?

Skipping rope is indeed a good exercise to burn a lot of calories, but depending solely on skipping to lose weight is not enough.

Instead, sustainable weight loss needs a well-rounded workout regime, a healthy lifestyle and enough rest. A well-designed workout program includes weight training and cardio too. While skipping is a high-intensity exercise, you can include it between two sets of weight-training exercises. It helps to get more calorie burn.

How you can include skipping in your workout routine?

  • Skipping is a good option as a warm-up exercise. 3-5 minutes of skipping gives your body a good start to exercise.
  • Performing 50-100 repetitions between two sets of weight training exercises is also a good option, it helps to burn a good amount of calories too.
  • 100-150 skipping after finishing your exercise is also a good option. It raises your heart rate and gives a good finish to your workout session.


Skipping rope is a quick and effective exercise. It helps you to improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance. Additionally, it also helps to strengthen your bones and muscles. If you are running short on time, try skipping rope to burn a good amount of calories in a short duration.

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