Are There Shortcuts To A Six Pack Abs

Are There Shortcuts To A Six Pack Abs

Getting six-pack abs is the most challenging task for anyone right?

There is a fervent desire among fitness lovers to have ripped and chiselled abs. You may get six-pack abs faster by a calorie deficit, consuming a good amount of protein and doing high-intensity resistance training.

Apart from athletes, most people have abdominal muscles covered in a layer of fat. This layer of fat is called subcutaneous fat which is fat on the skin's surface.

The higher the amount of fat, the more time it will take for your six-pack abs to become visible.

What is a six-pack?

Six-pack abs are a flat band of fibres that extend vertically between the pubic bone and the ribs. They work to help hold the internal organs in their proper place.

Six-pack abs are divided into two parallel parts, the right side and the left side. Each side is further divided into three segments by a connective tissue. The "six-pack" appearance of the abdomen can be attributed to these bands of connective tissue.

Regardless of how intense you train your abdominal or how well-toned they are, if there is a layer of fat over your abdominals, your six-packs won’t be visible.

Losing fat is the first step to revealing your abs. People often do exercises such as crunches to get six-pack abs as they help in toning abdominal muscles.

What should you do to get six-pack abs?

Did you know that you already have a pre-made six-pack, but there is no shortcut or easy way to unveil them? Exercising abdominals will help you to strengthen and shape them. Here are the things that will help you to get a six-pack:

A diet with calorie deficit: The abdominal area is the most sensitive for your body to store fat. Your body stores unused calories in that area. To lose fat you must do a diet with a calorie deficit, as it will help your body utilise stored fat for energy. Cutting down 500 calories from your daily diet will help you lose one pound weekly. And if you are working out regularly then you need to cut just 250 calories, as the other 250 get burnt from your workout.

Incorporate HIIT exercises: High-intense interval training will help you burn higher amounts of calories in a short time. For example: sprinting for 20 seconds followed by 40 seconds of walking, cycling at a high-intensity pace for 30 seconds followed by 30 seconds of low-intensity pace.

Consume enough protein: You cannot lose weight without losing lean muscle. To help recover lean muscle mass, you should consume enough amounts of protein. Protein is the building block for muscle. Consuming 1-1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is recommended to maintain healthy muscle mass. Chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, milk, nuts etc. are some of the protein-rich foods you can consume.

Add weight training: With the combination of aerobic exercises, weight training is the magic tool to get higher fat loss. Muscles are metabolically active tissues that work 24*7. Targeting muscles by weight training will help you burn more calories even in your resting time.


There is no shortcut or easy way to build a six-pack abs. You will need discipline, dedication and consistency with your workouts and diet. Every good thing takes time and once you get your six-pack abs, you will surely feel proud of your discipline, dedication and consistency.

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